Transformed - Affliction, Prayer, and Hope

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How do we keep moving forward when life gets really, really hard? In this episode, Jess interviews her mentor, Stacia Hejeebu, who speaks with wisdom and authenticity about suffering, prayer, hope, and the transformation that is possible in our lives when we allow our pain to draw us closer to God.

Foundational Scripture: Romans 12:11-12

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Transformed - Gifted

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In this episode, guest speaker Peggy Wolf, a self declared “Quality Time ENFJ,” helps us better understand how God has gifted each of us in unique and beautiful ways for the benefit of the whole body. Peggy lovingly challenges us to stop wasting time wishing we had someone else’s gifts and get to work using the gifts He has given us for His glory and for our good.

Foundational Scripture: Romans 12:3-8

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Transformed - Transformed

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Romans 12:1-2 challenges us to respond to God’s mercy in the most appropriate way - the total surrender of our lives. This surrender is the essence of worship, demonstrating that God is worthy of trust and obedience, and the result of this unconditional surrender is transformation.

Scripture: Romans 12:1-2

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Transformed - Marked by Mercy

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I love a good transformation. I can type “home transformation” into Pinterest’s search bar and whittle away hours of my life, mesmerized by before and after photos. By just knocking down a few walls and making some simple design changes, the home is suddenly brighter, warmer, more welcoming—all together new. As we step into this study of Romans 12, I believe we will see that in many ways this chapter of the Bible is a beautiful “after picture” of a life changed by Christ. And the Apostle Paul tells us right up front that the transformation we long for is possible because of one thing and one thing only: God’s mercy.

Scripture: Romans 12:1-2

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Hard to Believe - Fear

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Our fears are a lot like stories. Like all good stories, our fears have a characters, a plot, vivid imagery and they focus all of our attention on one question: what will happen next? These storylines make us lose sleep, leave us emotionally strained and gradually begin to shape our behavior, our decisions and even our faith. What if instead of trying to shove our fears into the corners of our minds we had the courage, in Christ, to face them head on?

Foundational Scripture: John 21:1-19


Hard to Believe - Doubt

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Is God really there? Does God really care? Is he paying attention to what’s going on around me? And if he is good and he does care then why doesn’t he do something? Is he even able to do anything? We all live with some degree of doubt in our lives; what matters is what we do with it. Whatever your doubts are, we are going to see today that Jesus isn’t afraid of them.

Foundational Scripture: John 20:24-29


Hard to Believe - Grief

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If your faith has ever felt strained under the weight of grief, doubt, or fear, you are in good company. Jesus’ own disciples struggled to understand his resurrection and accept the hope that it offered them. In this series we will take a closer look at the conversations Jesus had with three of his followers and see that he didn’t reject them because of their struggles but drew them closer to himself.

Foundational Scripture: John 20:11-18


No Greater Love - Relentless Love

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Jesus once told the painful story of a broken relationship between a father and son. In that story, Jesus makes it perfectly clear that God's love is not like human love. God is like a father who stands, unmoved, scanning the horizon, waiting for His lost child to come home. There is no greater love. His love is relentless. 

Foundational scripture: Luke 15; Jeremiah 31:3: John 13:34


No Greater Love - Courageous Love

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Courage is the power of the mind to overcome fear. While we may feel a wave of courage on occasion, most of the time courage is a decision that we make that is in direct conflict with our emotions. The same is true of love. While we're prone to view love primarily as an emotion that we feel, Jesus shows us that love is much more often a decision - and sometimes a decision that is in direct conflict with our emotions. 

Foundational Scripture: Matthew 26:36-46, John 13:34, Hebrews 12:1-3