Out of the Pit - God Can Grow Good Things in the Pit

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Joseph is finally lifted out of the pit and is given the opportunity to enjoy honor, wealth, a family, and fulfillment in his work. As he reflects on that last 13 years in “the pit”, he names his two sons Manasseh and Ephraim, reminding us of the truth that God can grow beautiful things in the soil of suffering.

Foundational scripture: Genesis 41:41-57

Week 7 Homework


Out of the Pit - Emptied and Exalted

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This is it, Joseph’s big break! He has finally been brought out of the pit and he suddenly has a huge bargaining chip. He alone can interpret Pharaoh’s dreams. But instead of leveraging his gifts for his own benefit, Joseph responds with a surprising posture that will challenge us to consider how we view our own gifts, abilities, and relationships with others.

Foundational Scripture: 41:1-40

Week 6 Homework


Out of the Pit - Waiting Well

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Most of us hate waiting. We jump lines at the grocery store, we avoid traffic using all the latest apps, we multitask while we’re on hold with customer service. Waiting is never fun but waiting on God to move in our lives can be downright painful. Joseph spends year after year as a slave and prisoner, longing for freedom, longing for God to move in his life and change his circumstances. But even in the midst of his waiting, Joseph discovered the secret to avoiding bitterness and even thriving.

Foundational Scripture: Genesis 40

Week 5 Homework


Out of the Pit - When Relationships Unravel

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Joseph’s story begins with his relationships. And, like most of us, we learn that Joseph has both loving and contentious relationships in his life. As we see some of Joseph’s relationships tragically unravel, we will step back and take an inventory of our relationships - both with God and with others.

Foundational Scripture: Genesis 37:1-11; Mark 12:30-31

Week 2 Homework


Transformed - Affliction, Prayer, and Hope

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How do we keep moving forward when life gets really, really hard? In this episode, Jess interviews her mentor, Stacia Hejeebu, who speaks with wisdom and authenticity about suffering, prayer, hope, and the transformation that is possible in our lives when we allow our pain to draw us closer to God.

Foundational Scripture: Romans 12:11-12

Check out this week’s Dig Deep column written by Ashley, at ashleytieperman.com.


Transformed - Gifted

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In this episode, guest speaker Peggy Wolf, a self declared “Quality Time ENFJ,” helps us better understand how God has gifted each of us in unique and beautiful ways for the benefit of the whole body. Peggy lovingly challenges us to stop wasting time wishing we had someone else’s gifts and get to work using the gifts He has given us for His glory and for our good.

Foundational Scripture: Romans 12:3-8

Check out this week’s Dig Deep column written by Ashley, at ashleytieperman.com.